REVIEW | LIVE YOUR DREAM by Liltera Williams

REVIEW | LIVE YOUR DREAM by Liltera Williams @iWrite4orU_LRW

Live Your Dream!

Let’s start this review off with the truth…

I’ve owned an electronic copy of Lady Liltera Williams’ book probably since the very moment that it was released! It’s highly likely that I forgot the book was within my digital library during my somewhat unfruitful attempts to catch up on other books, both digital and print. Based on this quick admission, my situation is a PERFECT fit for the content within Liltera’s book! Once I came across a physical copy through a friend, I read it in NO TIME!!!! (And we’ll reserve the digital vs. print discussion for some other time! smh)

Liltera Williams has graced this world with a quick-fix long-term resolution for anyone wanting to LIVE YOUR DREAM! The book places within reach, very easy to follow and understand practices for getting over many of the slumps and states of STUCK-ness that we find ourselves in, personally, professionally and otherwise. In a short five chapters, the reader is asked to engage introspectively with him-/herself by answering a series of very effective questions which could double as journal questions for facing whatever stands in the way of the goal to Live Your Dream! I personally found the book to handy with Liltera’s addition of actionable items that any reader could put into play immediately and see progress almost effortlessly by following either simple steps, practicing the provided example or again by going through the five questions posed at the end of each chapter.

As short as the book is, I would say that it is an essential guide that readers should maintain in their libraries namely because of its timeless relevance to our daily lives. The book is equally applicable to entrepreneurs, business professionals, students, old and young dreamers alike! Each of us has goals in life. With her book, Live Your Dream: How to Set and Accomplish Deadline-Driven Goals, Lady Liltera Williams takes each of our goals and makes them attainable (if not attempt-able at the very least). I am SUPER pleased that I finally read the book!!!! I can’t believe I hadn’t done it sooner and can say that her words resonated deeply within my being. The book was right on time!

Thank you Lady Liltera! Live Your Dream!


“Writing, in all facets,
is my reason for breathing.”

– Liltera Williams

To contact Liltera Williams for services and appearances,
email OR call (904) 566-2964.


Live Your Dreams: How to Set and Accomplish Deadline Driven Goals |


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On Budgeting

Where Did All the Money Go?! How Do I Create a Budget?

Where Did All MY Money Go?!

Budgeting! Everyone has (had) a problem with it to some extent. For the majority of us, our paycheck is insufficient for us to save any of it OR we have enough yet frequent moments of weakness find us in a place where at the end of various pay periods we are still looking for all the money. Where Did It All Go?!!! Those of you reading this are fortunate in that you are seeking an end to the madness. At some point, you must know that there is light at the end of this forsaken tunnel! It will require your dedication, focus and the sharing of this information with others… just because I asked and said please… PLEASE! =D

Okay! Let’s start at the beginning! Budgeting and/or saving first begin with a decision to do so and that, more often than not, is coupled with a goal. The founding point of the budget we develop here will be a goal that you set for yourself! Think on all of the many things you want in life. Things for yourself. Things for your child(ren). You want one of those emergency funds that you keep hearing about, and you want to travel internationally, not just for the first time but during the first of spring every year!!! Great! Now that you have your mind sufficiently distracted with things, go ahead and list them out! Why not?! This list will be a good reminder of what it is you are working toward. During those weak moments that will come, at least initially, you’ll want to remind yourself of why exactly you’re doing this in the first place. Fittingly, we’ll go ahead and call this your List of WhyWhy are you doing it? Go a little deeper and include things like education for you and your family. Include extracurricular activities and any notable purchases you’ll be required to make in the future.

Taking this process into consideration, let’s note that budgeting isn’t always about what you have to do. A good portion of it is often dedicated to the things we want to do. Sometimes, our desires are equally, if not more, motivating than our needs. As you embark on this life-changing journey, I urge you to also begin prioritizing your needs over your wants as this focus assists greatly in our becoming the most responsible and accountable savers we can be.

Enough of the things you don’t want to hear! The meat and potatoes of it all is that you want suggestions on how to save–How exactly do people do it?!!

For starters, you’re going to have to create a budget! This does not have to be anything formal although a formal and well thought out budget will be more in line with being ultimately successful in this endeavor. For those of you who have limited funds already, you will definitely want to create a budget. Before you can save anything, you need to know where everything is going! What can be modified? What cannot? What is recurring on a monthly basis and what is occasional yet happens often enough to warrant inclusion? What must you do? What would you like to do? Each of these needs to be pondered. Perhaps, this sounds difficult to you? It does not have to be! Start your list out with the following…

Sample Budget on Demand via

Budget On Demand:

  • Housing – should be a third of your take home pay / 30-35%
    • Utilities
  • Auto/Transportation – 20%
    • Gas
    • Insurance
    • Commuting/Parking Charges and Fees
  • Bills Remaining
    • Debts/Loans – 10%
  • Food – 15%
    • Groceries
    • Eating Out
  • Entertainment
    • Travel
  • Miscellaneous
  • Savings!!! 10% (or more)

You can modify this listing of suggestions to add more detail if you’d like. Additional detail will help you drill down to the specifics and will also help you to clearly see what is required vs. what is optional. When doing this, exact figures work best, especially in the cases of non-negotiable budgetary lines. For any flexible recurring items, set aside the MAX amount that regularly occurs for that season. For example, heating costs increase in colder months while entertainment and travel allowances will typically increase for families during summer months when children are out of school. Guiding percentages have been included to fit general allotments. Be sure that your budget lines up as closely to these as possible OR less, except for the savings area where you’ll obviously want MORE!!!

Saving and Budgeting via

Don’t be afraid to make amends to your budget as needed. Budgets may be flexible whereas savings goals should not be as fluid. A suggestion would be to visit your budget each season to allow for changes in spending based on life changes. Savings goals should be reviewed each year namely because of the dictate that this process will teach you to work on your… sticktoitiveness, and yes!—That is a word in websters!!! If you’re modifying your goals each season, you may not have given the goals proper time to take hold and be effective. For this reason, you’ll want to be sure that your starting goals are both realistic, accurate, precise and measurable. Even if life changes bring about challenges that press your ability to continue saving the same amount, resist the urge to change the savings goals and work on making modifications to other areas that will allow for flexibility. Areas such as entertainment, food and miscellaneous are easily adjusted as our lives change.

Additional Resources:

  1. Easy and Quick Budget Calculator :
  2. Excellent breakdown of how to manage your spending according to the 50/30/20 rule!
  3. Details on how to get out of debt in 5 steps. You’ll also find a budget worksheet and chart provided via one of Oprah’s friends! Good Luck and Enjoy!
  4. Build-a-Budget Worksheet and Tips :
  5. 10 Steps to Making a Financial Budget :

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List of 52 Things To Do For The First Time! #4TFT

Instead of resolutions, my friends and I are coming up with 52 things we will be doing 4 The First Time (#4TFT)! Each week, all year, we will accomplish a different ADVENTURE!!!
Wanna join??? Let us know you’ll be participating and be sure to use hashtag #4tft along with pics, blog posts, etc.

Here are some samples…

Denisha W

Patrice R

Heather H

Visit a New Beach  See Prince perform live @EssenceMusicFestival2014 Read the entire BIBLE
Visit a Beach in Cali  Launch See a Broadway play
Create a scrapbook to outline my year in pics  Have a circle of friends Go horseback riding on a beach
Start vLog  Create a plan for a Youth Fashion Designer Camp Go zip lining
Secure PAID public speaking engagement  Launch Youth Fashion Designer Camp Take a weekend vacation alone
Speak at a school  Complete & market a full fashion collection Go to an arena football game
Speak at a college  Get engaged Make my own wine
Train a life coach  Plan a cruise or ski trip with my family & friends Take a cooking class
Partner with my mother on an activity  Take a cruise See Beyonce’ perform live
Partner with my sister on an activity  Get married in Las Vegas – Get it annulled when I return Witness to a stranger
Secure an entrepreneurial mentee  Start the 52 week savings plan Bake a cake from scratch
Secure an entrepreneurial mentor for myself  Complete the 52 week savings plan Watch a black and white film
Speak at a church  Ride a horse Go swimming with dolphins
Formulate a formal business plan for life coaching  Take a trip on a party bus Travel abroad
Formulate a formal business plan for photography  Organize my Sewing Studio Get a passport
Formulate a formal business plan for blogging  Create sculptures to decorate my home Tithe a sacrificial seed
Secure 1st life coach client  Excessively use my Busch Garden/SeaWorld passes Be an extra in a movie
Secure 10th life coaching client  Produce & host a runway show Write a poem
Add a new stamp to my passport with Miami departure  Become a member of a Professional Group Perform my poem live
Go on a shopping spree  Donate or discard all of my clothes Travel by train
Win some type of lottery  Buy all new clothes Ride the Mega Bus
play public bingo  Create a T-shirt line Take a pole dancing class
do an activity at a senior home  Be a Creator at One Spark Get my belly button pierced
organize a boat party  Market the ALL NATURAL hair product I make for myself Hold a monkey
Secure corporate web development contract  Launch my Accessory line Fly first class
go to a winery  Run in a marathon Test drive my dream car
go camping with a boo  Create a webisode Run a marathon
organize a group picnic  Go to the Zora Neale Hurston Festival Attend a live boxing fight
Have someone write music for old songs  Finish my business plan for my TLP Go skiing in Colorado
Start Writing Book  Open a Transitional Living Program for Teen moms/girls aging out of Foster Care Learn to drive a stick shift
Complete Writing Book  Write a script Participate in a paintball fight
Publish Book  Dance in the rain to music Go to a gun range and shoot a gun
Do Book Signing  Take my son to meet my Grandfather Go ice skating
Document Quotables for ShShares  Go to a Fashion Show in NYC Send myself flowers
Document Quotables for ShSpeaks  Go to a Fashion Show in another country Crash a wedding
Start Stock Photography site  Visit a Fashion house Assist in being a DJ for an event
go ice skating  Meet a renowned Fashion designer Ride a mechanical bull
design a magazine layout  Have a impactful conversation with said renowned Fashion designer Attend a Vegas show
Self-publish a magazine  Prepare a vendor booth & set up Sit front row at a fashion show
go on a road trip with no predetermined destination  Become a vendor at a major event Walk in a fashion show
finish reading Al Quran  Secure seamstress to help maintain client orders Own a fabulous pair of designer shoes
picnic on the main street bridge  Write a book Learn to crochet
take someone shrimping  Find out how to publish a book Make a candle
organize an organized water balloon fight  Publish a book Take Romeo to a dog park
organize a scavenger hunt  Sell my book Watch the sunrise
host a tea party  Sponsor a family for a holiday or special occasion Explore a cave
cook myself a steak, medium-well  Test drive an Ashton Martin Stay in a log cabin
rock climb  Get hired as Key Wardrobe/Costume designer on a movie/television show Stay in an over water bungalow
ride in a hot air balloon  Take a road trip in a convertible Learn how to play an acoustic guitar
Take someone hiking  Support a fellow colleague financially Get engaged!…lol
Spend a full weekend with my niece  Showcase in a reputable Fashion Week Go backpacking through Europe
Sky Dive  Visit Tyler Perry Studios Take a Tango class

Thanks for sharing the idea Shay!!!


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Stephan Labossiere

Stephan Labossiere, Best-Selling Author of God Where Is My Boaz [@StephanSpeaks]

Born in New York, Mr. Stephan Labossiere is the only boy of his parents’ four children. At the age of the three, his family moved down to Miami, FL where Stephen spent the remainder of his childhood. As a child, Mr Labossiere always felt like he was destined for something great! He struggled with migraines and asthma, so he was unable to partake in any rigorous activity and he spent notable amounts of time in the hospital. Eventually, these ailments bothered him less and he became a very active player in a number of sports. Stephan was enrolled in IB (International Baccalaureate) programs and despite his intellectual talents, he jovially admits, very readily, that he disliked school! He was always smart and could ace nearly any test yet Stephan Labossiere made a pointed decision to do just enough to get by. With this mindset, Stephan’s grades were still enough to get him into Florida International University where he started as an accounting major and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. After graduation, Mr. Labossiere went on to find himself involved in real estate investment, video editing and production, call center management, computer repair and the list goes on. He became a jack of all trades because he wanted to ensure that he was always resourceful and would never go broke!

Currently, Stephan Labossiere now masters in some of those same trades–he is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Life Coach, Relationship Expert, a professional public speaker and a best-selling author! While noting the essentiality of personal training within his past, present and future frameworks, Mr Labossiere prioritizes his career as a life and relationship coach. He is soon looking forward to uniting personal training with his career as a life coach for the benefit of both sets of clients.

How to Get a Woman to Have Sex With You If You're Her Husband Stephan Labossiere
How to Get a Woman to Have Sex With You If You’re Her Husband by Stephan Labossiere

Though he has experienced marked success within his field over the years, Stephan shares that it did not come without marked struggle. One such hurdle and resulting wilderness period found Stephan learning to listen, understand and pay more attention to the things that the men and women in his life were saying. He attributes this supernatural connection to the clarity offered by years of celibacy. It was during this time that Stephan began to embrace his purpose and evolve both as a man and individual. He was also able to get closer to God and connect more with the married couples that he was counseling. It was through this process that he wrote his first book, How to Get a Woman to Have Sex with You If You’re Her Husband.

God Where is My Boaz? is the second of Stephan Labossiere’s books. Since being released, Stephan notes that the book has received notable feedback and nothing but good reviews. “Those who read it love it!” Mr. Labossiere is optimistic about the future success of the books and is simultaneously outlining pending titles!

In highlighting some challenges that he has faced on his journey, Stephan has learned how to successfully manage his responses to character attacks and fondly recalls a quote he heard from Steve Harvey, “New Level, New Devil!” Knowing that someone is always watching, Stephan takes the position of always responding with positive energy. Another noteworthy lesson that has been gained is the fact that we shouldn’t allow the successes of others to negatively impact us. With the belief that he is truly fulfilling his God-given purpose, Stephan acknowledges that no one’s success can interfere with what he has been positioned to do. Stephan believes in giving back and helping others to succeed, so he readily mentors others in his field answering any questions they might have, and instead of seeing others in his field as competition, he uses their accomplishments as benchmarks.

God where is my Boaz? by Stephan Labossiere
God where is my Boaz? by Stephan Labossiere

Such benchmarks have found him in an ideal position within the field of life and relationship coaching. He has already been featured on Tom Joyner which was in line with his long-time goal of appearing on one of “the Big 3” out of Ricky Smiley, Tom Joyner or Michael Baisden. Stephan has had various TV and radio appearances such as KISS 104 in Atlanta, ABC, and he’s even been contacted by MTV Networks  and ABC’s show, The Bachelor, as a result of his work. With all of this under his belt, the future for Mr. Stephan Labossiere is going to be “ridiculously BIG!” as he has much more in store for us! Teleseminars and webinars such as, “Why Men Overlook Good Girls and What You Can Do About It,” will be added to his schedule. “Love & Success: A Professional Woman’s Guide to Relationships,” is a joint venture with love coach, Rebecca Lynn, that will be directed toward professional women who would like assistance balancing their career with their personal life. In addition to these new projects, Stephan is adding more colleges to his list, more multi-city tours and more intimate gatherings after his public events. Future plans also include focusing more on what he’s good at while composing a team that will relieve him of some tasks that he has always completed on his own. Mr Labossiere desires to put more resources into promotion of his radio show. Overall, Stephan has a goal of putting himself “out there” more and perhaps… one of his book will eventually become a movie!!!  Finally and most importantly, Mr Stephan Labossiere is currently unmarried and hopes to top his list of remarkable accomplishments with a wholesome and fulfilling marriage.


Stay tuned to to hear FULL AUDIO of this interview with Mr Stephan Labossiere and listen as he shares intimate details of some of his most difficult struggles which include personal and professional obstacles as well as the financial breakthroughs he received as a result of tithing!


Stephan Labossiere
Stephan Labossiere

Remind yourself that you’re working for something bigger.
Successful people don’t come out of nowhere!
It takes consistency and perseverance!

– Stephan Labossiere


To contact Mr. Stephan Labossiere, please email
OR connect with Stephan Speaks Relationships via


How to Get a Woman to Have Sex With You… If You’re Her Husband |

God Where is My Boaz? : A Woman’s Guide to Understanding What’s Hindering Her From Receiving the Love and Relationship She Deserves |



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At the Table Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking Services

REVIEW | At the Table Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking Services [@AttheTable_wDi]

I am VERY pleased to announce my distinction as a Professional Certified Life Coach! This achievement makes me extremely proud and I am very excited about the decision that I made to pursue such an endeavor. Furthermore, I am grateful to have found myself under the tutelage of Coach J Dianne Tribble of At the Coach Life Coaching and Public Speaking Services.

I have nothing but great things to say about the Christian Life Coach Certification program offered by At the Table Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking Services!


During this short period of time that we have been associated, my trainer, Coach J Dianne Tribble, has been EXCELLENT! I walked away from each session feeling SO much closer to accomplishing various goals that I have set for myself. I have found that the program has prepped me with actionable processes that I can quickly incorporate into my daily activities within both personal and professional settings. The process itself has been essential in shifting my perspective from one of mentoring to that of coaching, and I have even witnessed first hand, almost IMMEDIATELY, how the coaching methodology produces AMAZING results when employed properly. I am in love with this approach and the prowess of my trainer as she imparts this knowledge within the teaching setting! Coach J Dianne Tribble makes the process extremely comfortable!!!

As a student of Coach Tribble, it is definitely inspiring to witness her passion first hand as she instructs or lovingly shares her own learning experiences. I recommend this program to anyone eager to find themselves in a motivational certification environment that offers a personal touch unlike any other. I daresay Coach Tribble’s excitement is infectious, and that makes me proud to be her trainee! I feel truly fortunate that Coach Tribble was brought to my attention and am looking forward to our continued relationship!

Professional Certified Life Coach Denisha N Williams of

“I have nothing but great things to say about the Christian Life Coach Certification program offered by At the Table Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking Services!

I am VERY happy with my decision and feel truly blessed to be a product of At the Table’s Christian Life Coach Certification program. In summary… this experience has been nothing less than extraordinary!”

– Denisha N Williams, Professional Certified Life Coach

To contact Coach J Dianne Tribble of At the Table Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking Services, please email OR call 904-613-8437 

You can find At the Table Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking Services at


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J Dianne Tribble of At the Table Inc for

INTERVIEW | J Dianne Tribble [@AttheTable_wDi]

I was recently directed to the following woman’s attention while conducting an inquiry related to my business endeavors. I set some goals for myself to have completed by the end of this year, and not only will I be able to complete those things, but with the blessing of this connection, I will also be a Certified Christian Life Coach! Of all of the numerous accomplishments I’ve earned throughout my lifetime, this particular addition, for so many diverse reasons, means the most to me. Thank You Coach Tribble for making it possible!!!

Here is the story of J Dianne Tribble…


Mrs. Tribble, thank you for your willingness to share a bit about yourself and your experiences with the Sh’Shares NETWORK audience! Will you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

My name is J Dianne Tribble. The J is for Jennifer. I absolutely love my first name; however, it really bothers me for people to call me Jen or Jenny. Several years ago, I had had enough! That day I made the quality decision to have people address me as “J or J Dianne” I am a very happily married woman. My husband and I have been together for nearly 33 years. Next month, we will celebrate our 32nd year of marriage. We are the proud parents of three adult children. I am the founder and CEO of At the Table Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking Services. My services include individual and group Life Coaching sessions, a Life Coach Certification program of instruction, inspiring motivational public speaking, business start-up consultations, proof-reading, and workshop development and facilitation. I am from the state of Tennessee. Growing up, my family consisted of ten siblings. My mother and father worked hard to provide a good life for us. Throughout my childhood, I loved to write and I loved public speaking. As I look back over my life, I was a born leader.


On Being an Author…

Did you always aspire to be an author? How did it come to be?

I started journaling years ago when I was in junior high. Writing was my means of expression and escape. Writing helped me to understand myself and to understand life. While growing up, I never thought about becoming an author, yet today I can say it was something I was destined to become. When I started writing as a pre-teen, it never stopped. I have kept journals for years. Excellent writing skills were birthed from the years I spent journaling and I still faithfully journal today. In 2010, during my first public speaking engagement as a small business owner, I was approached by Ethelbert Nwanegbo, the editor of Entrepreneurs Anchor Magazine. He asked me to write for his magazine. I agreed. When the first publication came out, I stopped by the office to pick up hard copies of the magazine. He called me in his office. There, he showed me three key things. One of the things he told me was that I needed to write a book. He said, “You have something to say that people need to hear.” Because people would receive from me when I speak, he said I needed to have my book available so they would be able to take home a resource. It sounded good; however, making it happen would be a challenge. I had so much material, but no idea what to put in a book. It took quiet times, prayer and meditation, research, and wise counsel to make it happen. I set a S.M.A.R.T. goal and witnessed the fruit of my efforts as The Star Inside of You: Motivational Nuggets & Inspirational Stories of Encouragement came to fruition.

The Star Inside of You by J Dianne Tribble of At the Table Inc for
The Star Inside of You by J Dianne Tribble of At the Table Inc
Tell us about your book.

The Star Inside of You: Motivational Nuggets & Inspirational Stories of Encouragement has been written to bring you hope, assurance, enlightenment, and the energy to move forward in tapping into your passion and living your dream. It has been written to build your confidence and to encourage you to do what it takes to win. Through the use of inspiring nuggets and practical life stories, readers are provided essential tools to assist them in their personal quests to get off the “treadmill of life” and start living life to the fullest. This book is dedicated to those who are aspiring to go from good to better to your best. There is a star inside of you. It’s your time to allow your star to illuminate like never before. A world of opportunities is waiting for your passion and purpose to be unveiled and executed. Delay no longer. Get busy today.

What inspired you to write it?

I knew it was something I was good at and I had something to say. I also took my editor of Entrepreneurs Anchor Magazine seriously when he told me I needed to have resources available for my audience to take home, to reinforce my message.


On Living Your DREAMS…

While writing, were there ever any instances where you thought to give up?

I never considered giving up; however, there were times along the way when I got “stuck.” I went through seasons when pulling the material for the book together was very easy. I also hit those seasons when I would spend hours in front of the computer and have little-to-nothing to show for my time. I admit, there were times when I got a bit frustrated. Walking away from the project to spend quiet time or “me time’ always seemed to help. Once I had committed to writing the book, there was no turning back. Like a bulldog on a stick, I was going to complete the book project. Period.

Why didn’t you give up?

Giving up was not an option for me. Writing the book became a burning passion in my heart. I couldn’t shake it and I didn’t want to shake it. I just wanted to know, “What do I write about?” There were followers of At the Table that believed in me. They encouraged me and held me accountable for my goal. I knew I had a message to share which would bless and benefit others. An excitement to complete the project was birthed inside of me. Bottom-line, there were people waiting for my obedience.

Provide an example of sacrifice that you have made for the sake of your career/goals.

The greatest sacrifice which immediately comes to mind was the decision to not seek a new position in Corporate America when my last job ended. This has afforded me the opportunity to work my business ministry. It was a sacrifice because the comfort of a paycheck every two weeks was eliminated. Being self-employed produces fluctuations in income. I have very good financial weeks sometimes, and then there are those weeks when I fall short of my projected financial goal. The temptation is always waiting in the wings shouting, “You better go back to work so you’ll have a real job with real pay.” This is a sacrifice, but it’s well worth it.

Has it all been worth it? Are you fulfilled?

Yes, my journey has been worth it. When I reflect upon the lives which have been impacted, enhanced and changed, I know I am right where I am suppose to be and doing what I am suppose to be doing at this time in my life. My clients appreciate me. As my trainees go through the process of becoming Certified Christian Life Coaches, I know that I am fulfilling my role in equipping the saints for the work of ministry through the vehicle of Christian Life Coaching. Yes, my life is fulfilled. My schedule gets very busy and it’s a real juggling act at times. It produces a bit of pressure, but it’s nothing compared to the stress of working for others.

Overall, what is your focus? What guides you on your path J Dianne?

My primary focus is seeing people win at life. If I can help someone in the areas of self-improvement and image building to gain a positive perspective of herself or himself, it serves as reassurance that I am walking in my purpose. Once the self-confidence is built in my clients and event attendees, there is no limit to what they can accomplish. I have a vibrant relationship with GOD. HE leads and guides me in my endeavors. I could not possibly do the things I am presently doing without HIS divine intervention. HE takes my natural abilities and couples them with HIS super for supernatural results.


J Dianne Tribble of At the Table Inc for
J Dianne Tribble of At the Table Inc

In Closing…

J Dianne, knowing where you are now and all you have experienced up until this point, what TWO words of advice would you share with your younger self?
  1. As soon as I know beyond a doubt what I am purposed to do in life, I must do what it takes to make it happen. Start early. I’ll have more time to perfect my craft and impact more lives.
  2. Connect with people in my area of interest with more experience and marked success. Once identified, look to learn and glean from them. Take advantage of mentoring as early as possible.
Furthermore, if you could share a word of advice or tip with others, what would you share?

Start dreaming or keep dreaming. It’s not too late to live your dream. Seek the assistance of a good Life Coach to help you in this area. Just having someone to believe in you, is all many people need in order to move forward in their lives. Your dreams are normally connected to your purpose. Until you address this area, you’re subject to have a constant void in your life. You can try to fill it with other things. You might even be able to suppress it for a season. It’s still there. Give it the attention it deserves and watch your life transform and soar.

What do you have in store for your future?

I am working on a train-the-trainer program for my Christian Life Coach certification program. Once this project is complete, I look to start the certification training for interested Life Coaches. One of my goals for 2014 is to have a group anthology written and published. It is entitled, “So You Want to Be a Life Coach.” I’m excited about this project. This book will be written by up to 10 of my Life Coaches and me. We will share our Life Coach backgrounds, coaching experiences, testimonies, and keys to success. Also in my future, I see my certification program moving up to the next level. I see the certification program transitioning to class room training. In the public speaking arena, I see myself traveling as a well sought-after, inspiring motivational speaker.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I am very active in the community. I am an ambassador for PACE Center for Girls, a high-risk girls’ school. At PACE, I teach a weekly Journaling Life Skills class. I also make myself available for various volunteer opportunities with the school onsite and in the community. I also volunteer for Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Awareness Society. I provide image-building workshops for the ladies. I am the co-founder and co-leader of a business women’s professional group called We Are Women in Business. We provide support, education, networking, and community involvement for female business owners and aspiring business owners. I am a member of E3 Business Group. Our focus is to educate, empower, and encourage business owners as we work our businesses and serve our communities. I am a faithful member of Faith Christian Center pastored by Bishop George & Pastor April Davis.


Thank you kindly Mrs. Tribble for taking the time to provide insight into your passion and your path as you fulfill the desires of your heart. Your business ministry has proved to be a huge asset to masses of readers, audiences, your friends, your family and Life Coaches alike!! Please continue to exhort and coach all of us who also aspire to do great things.



J Dianne Tribble of At the Table Inc for
J Dianne Tribble of At the Table Inc for

“There is a star inside of you. It’s your time to allow your star to illuminate like never before. A world of opportunities is waiting for your passion and purpose to be unveiled and executed. Delay no longer. Get busy today.”

– J Dianne Tribble



To contact J Dianne Tribble, please email OR call 904-613-8437 

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