Story Submission Tips and Guidelines

To write the best story for publication, consider something that’s inspirational in nature. Make sure it shares the essence of a truly extraordinary experience. You will want a story that inspires generations so try to connect with audiences of all ages in your writing style. Your story should be simple. It should touch hearts and discuss principles that readers can readily apply to their own lives. We want personal stories that are filled with emotion, adventure and drama! Create vivid pictures in your descriptions by using all of the senses. By the time you’re done, the reader should be so engrossed in your story that they see themselves within some part(s) of your story.

Sh’Shares NETWORK books are written with learning in mind. We aim to teach our readers some grand lesson in life based on our topic and your contribution. Our stories help readers understand that greater is possible. As a matter of fact, after reading, they should feel that greater is already here and all they must do is employ some slight (or MAJOR) change to live their BEST life! Good entries will evoke tears, laughter, goosebumps or all of these!

Our most powerful entries share of life-giving people who extend themselves in service to others through normal acts of kindness, love, generosity or boldness in consideration of another.

If we publish your submission, you are entitled to be part of our Sh’Shares #WriteAway family. You will receive exclusive writers commentary and the option to purchase books from Sh’Shares at a discounted rate.


Things You Should NOT Submit to Us:

  1. Dissertations, educational papers, and academic themata
  2. Bios, testimonials, reviews and the like
  3. Journal articles that read like the daily paper.
  4. Blatantly biased or controversial discussions topics. If you’re making a point, go for it. If your submission is drama-ridden…. please do not submit.
  5. Sermons.
  6. Eulogies.
  7. A story you heard from someone else and are retelling in your own words.
  8. Submissions that have been previously published.