Change Your Posture! Change Your LIFE! Affirmation Journal Vol. 1 : Faithfulness


Change Your Posture! Change Your LIFE! Affirmation Journals facilitate change by incorporating tasks and journal prompts into the reading process.

This month, we review faithfulness to ourselves, faithfulness to concepts and faithfulness to others. More importantly, we review faithfulness to God while highlighting God's faithfulness to us!

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If you’ve ever wondered why your daily recitations seemed grossly ineffective, look no further—your solution is HERE!

This is no ordinary book of affirmations! Change Your Posture! Change Your LIFE! Affirmation Journals quickly facilitate formidable transition toward betterment by adding interactive tasks and journal prompts into the coaching process. Purpose-driven readers become impactful change agents in their own lives through daily application of this intuitive life guide!

Throughout this month, we will review faithfulness to ourselves, faithfulness to concepts, and faithfulness to others. More importantly, we will review our faithfulness to The Creator while highlighting The Creator’s faithfulness to us!

Faithfulness Affirmation (Repeat this aloud)
Faithfulness is a personal resolution of commitment to myself, to something or to someone other than myself. Faithfulness is also my personal commitment of, or to, divine persuasion.

For more on faithfulness, buy the book!


A Note From the Author:

Hello Dear Friend!

I am SO elated to find you here with me yet again!

After a looooong wait for us, it is with great pleasure that I present to you a line of journals directly aligned with my first book. The content is the same with the blessed addition of journaling prompts, doodle boxes and thought bubbles! OH MY!!!

All of my followers know how much journaling means to our introspective processes, so I thought to myself, “What better way to highlight our love for writing and expression than through journals specifically aligned with our favorite book?!?” J J J

Well… Here they are My Friend!!!

I am gifting you with this series of personal journals as tools for you to rightfully align yourself with the person to whom our BEST help is directed: self! Self-help starts with self, so I am prayerful that you find grand value in these daily opportunities for self-expression.

Please stay connected with me and share your progress. I’d LOVE to hear of your hopes, helps and your hiccups along the way, so keep me posted!!!


From My House to Yours…

— Coach D!


How to Get the MOST Out of This Journal…

*In my nicest, sweetest, little country-bumpkin voice* Dive right on IN to this journal!!!

  • Read. Write. Reflect.
  • Cry if you if you need to
  • Phone a friend and let’s get major WORK done in our lives with these journals!!!

Take the time that you need to be the friend YOU need. Do it for YOU! Don’t wait around for another! This is the season to take over your life and take control of your thoughts through affirmation!

  • There are thought bubbles included throughout the book so you can share your own thoughts and reflections.
  • There are boxes included for you to doodle OR maybe you use them as spaces to ask questions of yourself… that’s up to you!

No matter what you use each space for, be sure that you are authentic! This is your time and this is your space to be the YOU that YOU need for YOU! Do it now. Show YOURSELF what YOU are made of…

Change Your Posture! Change Your LIFE!

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