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I often get questions about referrals for publishing companies, and I interact with a great many writers so I figured it would be ideal to highlight a few of the published writers and authors that have been highlighted via www.ShShares.com!!!

Read through the listings below if you are a writer and if you have any aspirations to be published. I am sure you will come across some helpful insight from each of the features listed.


INTERVIEW | Angell Davis

“Angell is a very pleasant young lady whom I had the pleasure of interacting with during my “residency” in Jacksonville. She has always seemed extremely well-known and very well connected and her presence at a least half of the events that I myself attended in any given week makes the information she shares below all…”

Renata Hannans | PS - Never Give Up Hope www.RenataHannans.com

INTERVIEW | Renata Hannans

“Every sacrifice, mistake, choice, good decision, bad decision, friendship, relationship, job and all my failures were in place for me to be the woman I’ve become. I want young people to know that you can do anything you put your mind to and there are no limits! This is coming from a teen parent and college dropout!!! When everybody and statistics counted me out I persevered.”

Christine Fairbanks

INTERVIEW | Christine Fairbanks

“I can’t even begin to imagine ALL the things God has in store for me, but I know it’s great. I rest on the promise of better days ahead, and for me that is enough. Personally, I’m excited to move forward with my publishing company, Airris, and I’m continuing to write my heart out. God has given me so much that I’m overflowing with creativity for personal projects as well as projects that I will assist others in creating. Apart from pursuing purpose, I am consistently finding ways to be a good mother to my daughter who is more amazing than I could have ever imagined her to be. The cherry on top is my upcoming marriage to an amazing man of God next winter. He is beyond anything that I have ever desired or prayed for.  I tell you, I have been phenomenally blessed…”

Photo Courtesy : Blue Franswa Photography

INTERVIEW | Ramona Jones

“I’ve always been a writer. I’ve always wanted to be a published author. So when my ex who badgered me about writing incessantly became…my ex…I pulled out all the poetry I had ever written and went from there.

It took a major life event to push me to do some major research and put a plan in place. Copyrights. ISBNs. Retail vendor accounts and contracts. HTML formatting. Peer editing. Cover designs. All the things writers don’t think about when they dream about becoming an author.”

Liltera Williams | www.ShShares.com
INTERVIEW | Liltera R Williams

“I am focused on reaching my maximum potential; ideally becoming a Bestselling Author before age 30, owning a magazine and writing TV and movie scripts. The possibility of failure keeps my “eyes on the prize”. I understand that this can all be taken from me at any time, so I utilize my gift in every way, whenever an opportunity arises for me to do so. My faith guides me, as well as the encouragement that I receive from those who genuinely want to see me do well. In this short time of excelling and accomplishing my goals, I have inspired many people. I receive messages constantly from total strangers expressing how much I have impacted their lives. It’s truly a blessing to be actively living out my purpose.”

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